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About us

About us...

Born and raised in South Africa we miss the small things in life that reminds us of home. On a recent visit back to the motherland we found these adorable fair trade clothing that we just had to share with the world.

Our supplier...

Hooligans Kids was founded by a college student printing t-shirts in her home with cute designs in 1990's. Later she was joined by her mother, husband and other family members and started designing fabrics. This grew into the the company with the cutest handmade designs we know today. Using only 100% South African grown cotton.

Based in Durban, South Africa, Hooligans work alongside The Wildlife Co-operative foundation to employ women from disadvantaged communities, to help support mostly single mothers in raising their families.

We are the sole distributors of Hooligans Kids in USA and our goal is to bring the best quality children's clothing to you.

We have partnered with The Wildlife Trading Company and Stokes for Kids at the America's Mart in Atlanta, to work on getting Hooligans on shelves in Zoo's, Aquariums and Children's boutiques across the US and Southeastern US Region.